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How Do I....
How Do I Contact??
Most of the time the majority of us go through life and don't think much about how our city is ran or what is going on
around us. But every so often there is something we just can't ignore and feel we need to speak up and tell someone
how we feel.
What is even worse is when that time finally comes, we often times don't know who to contact who can help us make a
This page is here to help you find the right person to contact and how to reach them.
You can get information about the city by clicking on the following website.
Once you get there, add it to your favorites.

Rapid City SD Official website
At this site, you can find information on just about anything you might want to know about Rapid City.
Take the time to just browse the site some rainy day when you have nothing else to do.
Brenda Young,
Commission District 1

Nancy Trautman, Vice-Chairman
Commission District 2

Ethan Schmidt, Chairman
Commission District 3
De Glassgow
Commission District 4

Gale Holbrook
Commission District 5
Pennington County also has a website. Click on the following link to go there.

Pennington County Website

Here you will find  information about upcoming elections and things the county is
responsible for.
Pennington County Commissioners