Serving North Rapid for over 55 Years
Rapid City, South Dakota
NRCA Officers for 2013
Vice President Ed Trigg
President Rick
North Rapid Civic Association
City Contacts

To be a voting member of North Rapid Civic Association,
you must be 18 years old and a resident or property owner
in the North Rapid Neighborhood.
The North Rapid Neighborhood is the area of Rapid City
north of Omaha Street between Cambell Street and "M" Hill Ridge
and south of the Pennington County line on Haines Avenue.

We meet at 7:00 p.m. on the fourth Thursday of every month at
General Beadle School in the Training Room.
Usually there are several members of the City Council at the meetings
as well as State Representative Mark Kirkeby and
sometimes State Representatives.
We even have a County Commissioner,
Nancy Trautman, who attends on a regular basis.

Having City Council members as well as State Representatives and
County Commissioners present allows immediate answers to questions
about what the city, state and county representatives are dealing with
and what the general feelings are concerning the many different issues
these branches of the government face daily.

Many of the members are also active in the local Neighborhood Watch groups
so NRCA membership gives a person access to the whole picture
as to what is going on in the North Rapid Area
concerning crime, gangs, graffiti and so forth.
Anyone may attend the meetings.

To become an active member of NRCA and receive a monthly newsletter,
the Annual Membership fee is $15.00.  If you live in the North Rapid Neighborhood,
this makes you a voting member.
If you live in another area of Rapid City, you will be an Associate Member
with all the privileges of a Regular Member except you are not allowed to vote.

We also have a Business Membership which is $50.00 a year.
This entitles you to have a business card size ad in the newsletter every month.
The newsletter reaches several hundred people every month and
many people prefer doing business
with their neighbors whenever possible.
So this is a great bargain for your advertising dollar.

Also, since we now have the website up and running,
the past issues of the newsletter are available for anyone to read.
We have not taken the advertising out of these past issues
so your ads will continue to be seen long after they are printed.

If you have any questions about NRCA or membership, please contact
Rick Askvig at 431-4753 or Ed Trigg at 718-5689.
Brenda Roberts

Mary Parker
David Johnson